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    In January 2022, Le Chalet Nomad is moving to Hauteluce!

  This Winter, we welcome you for weeks of remote working  enhanced by ski sessions : hiking, alpine, steep slope, and even ice climbing!

Alone, with friends, colleagues or family, come and discover or rediscover the Nomad chalet under the snow!

Our next camps:

Stage FULL SKI - 5 jours - Du 30 Janvier au 4 Février

  • Full Ski 30.01

    Dortoir "Refuge"- Full Ski de Randonnée - Du 30.01 au 04.02
    • Du Dimanche Soir au Vendredi Soir - 5 nuits et 5 jours
    • 1 lit en dortoir refuge - salle de bain partagée au rdc
    • 5 sessions de ski de randonnée avec Mathieu Navillod
    • Niveau : Confirmé
    • Matériel non fourni. Location possible à Arèches et Saisies.
    • Repas: à régler suite à votre réservation ( 25€/jour)
  • Full Ski 30.01

    Dortoir Confort - Full Ski du 30 Janvier au 4 Février 2022
    • Du Dimanche 17h au au Vendredi 16h - 5 nuits et 5 jours
    • 1 lit en dortoir confort avec salle de bain privative
    • 5 journées complètes de ski avec Mathieu Navillod
    • 4 topos techniques : fartage/ recherche d'arva/
    • réalisation de films/ préparation d'itinéraire de ski
    • Matériel non fourni. Location possible à Arèches et Saisies.
    • Repas : à régler suite à votre réservation ( 25€/jour)


Enjoy the advantages of Chalet Nomad:

  • A spacious chalet with a view of Mont Blanc!

  • Community life with other powder freaks

  • Comfortable and quiet workspaces (1 office per room, and 2 spaces dedicated to community work)  

  • Different room options: friendly "refuge" type dormitory, comfort dormitory, private rooms for one or two. (see on the "book" page.

  • Significant bonus: a magnificent jacuzzi and sauna to relax after work or skiing! ​​​

Check-in / Check-Out: Arrivals possible from 5 p.m. Departures at 11 am, but you can leave your belongings there on Sunday.


Material for the activities:

Not provided. Rental possible at Les Saisies at Intersport, or at Gaspard Sport  in Arèches.

  • Ski touring / free ride equipment: touring skis, boots, arva, shovel, probe, knives,  

  • Ice climbing gear: Warm and waterproof gear.  

Choice of Internship:  

You will find on each topic page information on the different activities we offer.  

  • To come downhill skiing (Les Saisies or Arèches Beaufort)  independently, or enjoy the mountains without a course, go to the " Work & Raclette" page.

  • To participate in one of our courses: choose the formula that makes you dream among the following options:  

- Ski touring  

- Free Ride  

- Ice climbing.  

Organization of the internship:

  • All the courses are supervised by high mountain guides who will take you beyond your limits and progress in ski touring / free ride / ice climbing.  

  • We  limit the number of participants to 6 per guide.  

  • The supervised sessions will be every week on Wednesday morning + Saturday and Sunday. You can go on your own the other days of the week.  

Required level:  We offer 2 groups of levels per course (Beginner / Confirmed).

Detailed information under the formulas.  

Meal :

The manager of Chalet Nomad will do the shopping for the week and prepare lunch. Evening meals will be prepared in turn by the inhabitants of the chalet.  

  • A meal and drink package of 25 € / day and per person will be requested in addition to the weekly rate.

  • You can of course specify your diet!

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